Blogging History » My cousin, Emem introduced me to blogging during my 5th grade, and so I tried signing up for an account. It was a topsy-turvy learning experience for me since I needed to learn HTML and CSS codes then. It’s funny to reminisce the past! :)) There came a point that I face the computer all-day long just to modify my themes. I’ve known my very first netfriends and fortunately, they’re still online! I guess even though we don’t really see personally, we have built that awesome friendship together

Narcisista.Meangurl.Net » I applied for subdomain hosting in Meangurl.Net and became an official hostee! If blogspot became my eye-opener to a more exciting online life, my hosted site career made me train myself to be a better blogger. I tried a couple of programs like CuteNews and WordPress, and from then on, I considered blogging not just a past time but more of a passion.

VainRoxy.Net » Before the end of April 2006, I joined one of Ate Ethel’s contests, and fortunately won the contest! She gave me a one-year contract of domain hosting at Letzebuerg.Net and assisted me throughout the process. It was like an advanced present for me since my birthday was on the 3rd of May.

HushDiamonds.Org » I bought a new domain hosting after my previous website got down. I decided to change my domain since the previous was bought from another country and therefore must be paid through money processes. I decided to buy my second domain here in the Philippines at Page PH and continued blogging.


I was taciturned at first whether or not I should leave Hushdiamonds.Org. But eventually, I was eager to start once again. I believed that Hushdiamonds was not the right home for me, so I applied for hosting at NoLimitsHost. Thanks to Ate Ems for the support and trust she gave me!

SandraGanzo.Com (2008) »

I decided to join a contest from Jacque’s site and was fortunate enough to be voted as one of the most deserving bloggers to have a personalized domain! Unfortunately, I had a hard time managing a couple of websites so after a year of contract, I decided to leave it. Nonetheless, I thank Jacque and the rest of the netizens for giving me the chance to have a domain under my name.

SandraGanzo.Com (2011) »

I decided to renew my personal domain this time. I knew in myself I just needed to move out from my previous homes in the net and start all over again on a clean slate. That merely explains the fact why I did not put my backed-up blog entries way back 2004 in here; nonetheless, those past entries are treasured in my “storage box” LOL!

AnythingRad.Com (2012) »

Unfortunately, a misconnection between my previous host and I occurred after the expiration of SG.Com(2011). It was a very disappointing experience for me not being able to contact my host anytime. Until now I could not reach them, thereby making me decide to leave their services and start all over again with this domain.


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